Mother Mary Company x Home of Tone Exclusive! handmade guitar strap - 'Irene' Floral


Great fabrics, designs & style, all handmade in St.Louis USA. It was only natural to work together and I'm really proud that I was the first dealer in the UK to bring these beautiful straps in. We first started working together in July 2018, and I've loved every minute.
One of the very best things about working together is being able to offer some exclusives & limited editions from time to time too! I have just received this batch of Home of Tone exclusives, which you won't find elsewhere and feature a nice UFO logo stamped into the leather to mark it as a limited edition Home of Tone exclusive too! Such a cool detail and I'm very grateful MMco could do this for me.

'Irene' Floral
Floral fabrics have been one of the most popular styles of MMco straps I've stocked, so it seems fitting to have one of our exclusives be this really nice floral too! A side note and totally coincidence, but MMco actually named this fabric 'Irene', and that happens to be the name of my aunt so again, seemed really fitting and a nice personal way to note this Home of Tone exclusive design! This one is for her!

Please note, as the patterns on the leather were all so unique on this particular design, I have decided to list them individually for you to choose your favourite to order. I hope this helps!

In Stock!