Millimetric Instruments - MG6 custom build information

This product is currently sold out, feel free to contact us for a delivery estimate

The MG6 was the first Millimetric 6 string model design, and was inspired by the instruments of Travis Bean and Obstructures. Two brands famous for their aluminium guitars, here Florian of Millimetric translating that to wood in an incredible way. Made to be ambidextrous, left handed players can have a guitar that looks right. This guitar was made seeking efficiency in sound and playing. The tone lies in the neck construction and pickups as well as in the use of maple. The MG6 sound is similar to the guitars in the 90's Chicago noise rock scene, such as Shellac, Jesus lizard, etc. This guitar will provide you sustain, large frequency response and the punch and clarity you need.

Pricing and ordering
All Millimetric Instruments are made to order, and as the UK representative I can help talk you through the specs available and any finer details before putting you forward to Florian to take your build to the final drawing board.

You can choose body and neck wood material, pickup options, wiring configurations, neck profiles, body colours and textures and soon also choice of hardtail or vibrato!

The price stated here is merely a starting price rough guide for the sake of this listing and not a final price of any instrument. As all build specs vary, please do get in touch to discuss further and we will obtain a final spec estimate from Millimetric instruments for your dream guitar.

To begin discussing your custom Millimetric MG6, please get in touch with me at and we will geek out.