Upgrade/Replacement wiring kits now available for Bass VI!
The Bass VI is a rather unique instrument, aesthetics, string spacing, vibrato unit & control layouts resembling more of a guitar, or baritone than a bass, but it is classed as a Bass nonetheless! Certainly a quirky instrument, and although they saw fleeting fame in their earlier years of production thanks to bands like Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles and Cream for example playing them for studio work, performances & TV appearances. Their production ceased in the mid-70s, only seeing short burst re-issues by the custom shop since then. But in more recent years, the Bass VI saw a more permanent return, particularly by Squier and their popular Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe series which provides the market with an affordable, yet pretty vintage accurate spec Bass VI which has boosted it's popularity and intrigue a great deal. 

Squier Bass VI wiring

It's electronics specs most closely resemble that of the Fender Jaguar, with a 2 way slide switch operating each pickup along with a 4th slide switch acting as a 'strangle switch' or 'bass cut', a fixed value capacitor providing the player with further tonal options. Then we see the usual volume, tone and jack socket.

Squier Bass VI wiring

The component specs for this replacement/upgrade wiring harness are true to original specs but of course with some great quality components that will help get the best out of your instrument along with providing reliable performance for years to come. It has CTS 1MEG volume and tone pots, with a .047uF mustard style tone capacitor and I have opted for a treble bleed capacitor kit on the volume control to further help improve the sweep and use-ablity of the audio taper volume control for the player. The 2 position slide switches are all quality Switchcraft items, along with a ceramic disk .003nF capacitor for the strangle switch wired together with quality Gavitt 22awg colour coded cloth covered wire and sturdy 20swg copper bus wire for ground connections. 

Squier Bass VI wiring upgrade kit

Due to the body routing, and more importantly, wire channels found in Bass VI  bodies, I cannot provide this as a complete drop in harness, I instead have to supply it in two sections. Which would then have the final connections made in situ upon install. But to be true to the 60s originals, as well as making the install that little bit easier, I use coloured cloth Gavitt wire which makes wire tracing as you feed them through the wire channels a simpler process. But rest assured, the bulk of the soldering work is done for you, leaving you with only the pickup connections, and bridge ground wire connections additionally needing to be done, like with any replacement guitar harness/loom install. 

This upgrade/replacement wiring kit will retain the traditional functionality, but provide a high quality upgrade of components over the factory Squier items, or a quality like for like kit if you're installing into a Fender Bass VI. Like with all of my wiring kits, I have spent time with a Bass VI to research the body routing, component and spec choices and what an upgrade of components would entail. If you're upgrading a Squier Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe series Bass VI with this kit, you will need to widen the holes in your control plate to accommodate the 9.52mm CTS pot mount shafts, but other than that we're looking at a direct install and well worth the upgrade to help bring out the best in your bass and it's pickups. 

Bass VI wiring kit

This kit is now available to order here at James' Home of Tone! View the kit HERE

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