UNCHARTED | Matt Eich & Mule Resonator Guitars - A film about Mule
Our good friend, Charley Hicks, sent me a message last month in mega excitement as he'd just got the call that he was to be flown out to Michigan, to be part of a short film being made about Mule Resophonic. Unreal! This made me happy for multiple reasons:
1. Man what an opportunity for Charley huh!?
4. A serious note, There's going to be a film made about Mule, and I'm a HUGE Mule geek so this was seriously exciting.
5. I'd get to watch it over and over.

So, here it is! Uncharted, by Tastemade, about Mule. Enjoy



Francesco Mulinos

Francesco Mulinos said:

Awesome ,how lucky is he to have the skill to build guitars like that , & the for Charlie to play the way he does, Elmore James eat yur heart out !!


James said:

Beautiful right? I love guitars, and certainly love playing them, but building instruments like this must feel amazing, I completely agree Francesco!

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