The very first Prisma Guitar to land into the UK, here at the Home of Tone!

Well, the day finally arrived! Back in February, one of my favourite guitar makers around, Nick Pourfard of Prisma Guitars reached out to me about getting some guitars into the UK and of course I leaped at the opportunity. We spec'd out a bunch of guitars, and fast forward to June and the first of the guitars has arrived with us!

Prisma Guitars UK - Home of Tone

Being able to offer Prsima Guitars felt like a big step forward for the Home of Tone that I am so humbled to be making.

I'm really trying to reflect on my first time meeting a Prisma Guitar after being a self confessed fan boy for so long, and that not only meeting one but doing so as a dealer for them, means a great great deal to me. Well, safe to say the first guitar received did not disappoint.
This Syndicate model that Nick and his team has built for us is way beyond what I even dreamt it would be, aesthetically, tonally and in play-ability. To me, it's a work of art! 

Prisma Guitars UK - Home of Tone

The attention to detail, in finish, in styling and in every part of the build is second to none. It's an outstanding instrument, and is incredibly resonant too! I'm over the moon to be able to offer these guitars to the UK market for the first time, working with guitars of this incredible high quality is a dream come true.

Prisma Guitars UK - Home of Tone

I have some great things lined up to kick things off here in the UK, events, videos and big features. So keep an eye out over the coming weeks/months for Prisma happenings!

Check out all of the Prisma Guitars we have on the way, already here and all of the custom order guitars available on the website HERE

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