The Guitar Magazine - Prisma Guitars spotlight!
The latest issue (Dec 2017 Vol 29 No 03) of The Guitar Magazine is out tomorrow, 03/11 and if you head out to get your copy you'll be greeted by a stunning two page spotlight on our Prisma Syndicate currently in stock! Stunning photos from the guys, they're making me all emotional haha!

If you want to see the guitar (and many other Prisma's) in person then be sure to head over to our UK launch party this weekend, Sunday 5th November at The River Rooms, Stourbridge West Midlands, UK where you'll be able to play a bunch of them through some Rift Amps, all for charity and finish the night off with some great bands!

Or if you'd prefer a more calm environment, book an appointment with me and come and try the guitars in our private showroom!


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