2018 Millimetric Instruments MG6 for sale!

2018 Millimetric Instruments MG6 for sale!

Angus reached out to me regarding his beautiful MG6 model, as he has decided to find a new home for it. I really wanted to take it off his hands personally, but not being in the position to currently I offered to help in some way and write this article here on the blog for Millimetric fans and visitors of my website to see in case it might find a happy home with them instead. Angus has decided to sell as the neck width hasn't quite been finding itself comfortable which of course is a personal preference thing, and hopefully the new owner will bond with that in that he wasn't able to. Checking out the specs, it is the same profile, and neck measurements as my personal MGS3 so if anyone isn't local to Angus and wants to get a similar feel for what it would be like feel free to drop me a message, I'll be happy to help.

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