Stohn Picks finish production of their beautiful stone picks! But fear not, a special offer is now on!
After a superb run, and a great internatonal following, Andrew at Stohn Picks USA has just announced that he has finished production on his beautiful stone picks. So these will be no more sadly! He's concentrating on his other ventures, including guitar builds so be sure to check out his social media and follow these incredibly unique guitars.

But for now, we still have some (very limited) stock left of these awesome picks! So I'm going to run a special offer price on all remaining Stohn Picks, offering them at a discounted £5 price per stone pick!

I also have a couple of really cool pieces of Stohn Guitars merchandise I was saving for the right occasion, so I will choose an order including some Stohn Picks at random and include these extra goodies free of charge!

Sorry to see the production finishing, but I would like to wish Andrew all of the success on his current and future adventures!

You can see the full Stohn Picks range we have left, on the store HERE!

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