Seth Lee Jones Album!
A good friend of the Home of Tone, Seth Lee Jones, is in the midst of a kickstarter campaign to help make his new album to come to life. I've been following Seth since 2015 and have always been in awe of his command of the guitar and in particular his slide style. Seth is a proud player of McNelly Pickups and Mule Resophonic Guitars, as well as being a very talented luthier too. I often get e-mails and messages about Seth, his playing and his guitars so I know there are already some Home of Tone visitors who are fans of SLJ!

After putting my name down for a copy of his CD upon release, I thought it would be good to help share the kickstarter campaign on here for anyone else keen to support this incredibly humble, seriously talented dude get his album off the ground and into our ears!

You can visit the kickstarter campaign HERE, and choose from a wide variety of cool items as well as the album itself, so I definitely encourage you to check it out! If you're into slide guitar, and haven't already heard of Seth Lee Jones, definitely do so too!

Main photo used on this blog post was sourced from Seth Lee Jones' Facebook page and all credit goes to Seth and the photographer.

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