Prisma Sunset Series clean demo
I won't lie, my playing has been the reason there hasn't been more demos lately! The moment the record button flashes, I forget everything I know. But I stumbled my way through a clean tone demo and run through of this beautiful, sonic blue, mastery bridge and trem loaded Prisma Sunset Series! And I promise to get my ass back in gear and work on more in the coming weeks, especially for those of you that have wanted to hear these Prisma instruments in particular.
I love this guitar more and more each day, the mixture of light, pastel colour and fine grain pao ferro board with matching headstock is just so cool. 'One day you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine'.
If you'd love to come and try it for yourself feel free to get in touch and see me at the office!

This demo is also a great way to hear how a McNelly Duckling neck pickup sounds with 500k pots. It of course brings out a little more treble, but handles it really well I think!


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