Just a quick update tonight, sadly the Post Office experience wasn't brilliant this morning. Lots of people around, total disregard for simple distancing and queue jumping which is frustrating at the best of times let alone at the moment. It does make you wonder if some are even aware of the very simple guidelines put in place to benefit us all. I was lost for words by it all to be honest, and it has made me very weary of my order dispatch process now. I think it may be best all round, to limit my work requirements to visit the post office, to just three times per week instead of every day. 
Although this will mean orders will be dispatched a little slower, with dispatch days becoming Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I realise bigger businesses or those with postal collections daily can dispatch faster than this, but in my position where I rely on visiting the post office to dispatch my orders it's sadly the reality at the moment and I hope it doesn't deter your choice in ordering from myself. In light of this morning's experience of trying to fulfill my job and the total disregard by many this morning for safety of us all, I think this might have to be the best way I can approach this. I'll give it some more thought, but for now consider this the new dispatch method and dates and I'll look for better/safer options.
26 March, 2020 by James P Gascoigne

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