Order dispatch update 24/03, Lockdown..ish
So we were hit with the news of a lockdown yesterday, or so the headlines would put it. I ventured out on my own to the post office prior to their opening times as planned, and sadly the shutters remained down. I waited (on my own in the car) until well past the normal opening hour and nothing so sadly felt that was the end of my order dispatching from here out. Returned back home and looked for some alternatives, and UPS were still carrying out driver collections so decided to book a collection for the parcels collectively so at least the very latest orders could still be shipped as planned. Shortly after that, my local post office called to say they had just further reduced the opening hours and will still remain open each day. So it appears, at this point, I am still able to post out orders as before so I will continue to do my best and what is safest all round, with processing my orders each day.

Now, onto the main photo above as I'm sure you're questioning the masks... Each Mother Mary Company delivery that arrives, comes loads of their cool fabric off-cuts used as packaging and any particularly cool ones Emma soon snatches away for her fabric stash. Well, yesterday she came away from the sewing machine with a pair of matching Mother Mary Co masks haha. So couldn't resist a photo for you!

Millimetric Instruments MGS3

I also managed to grab a little guitar time this afternoon whilst Miles had a quiet half hour enjoying cartoons. Figured I'd grab a quick photo so I had something to share on the daily blog tonight, and seeing as the front of the guitar gets the main photo attention, I'd share one of the back this time. The outer body lines become more prominent I think due to the flat back. I still love the contrast of the copper against the oxidised walnut, showing off the travis bean inspired neck join. I worked on some muscle memory scale type runs today, still trying to get some of the quicker parts of Al Di Meola's Midnight Tango. I'm a looooooong way off getting up to speed, but figured repeatedly playing them at a slower speed would at least allow my fingers to retain some muscle memory!

I hope you are all doing well, staying safe and making the most of being at home, hopefully with your family and loved ones. Take care, and many thanks again for your continued support during this time. 
24 March, 2020 by James P Gascoigne

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