Order dispatch update 23/03
I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy at home. I'm still incredibly humbled to be continuing to receive some orders from customers new and returning, so again, a heartfelt thank you for that. I'm currently spending the daytime with our young son, essentially now operating as if 'out of office'. Ensuring he is entertained and kept as happy as possible during this confusing time for a toddler. So respectfully, during the day my time is being dedicated to him going forward (also why I have taken a step back from my social media accounts and solely concentrating on the main website hence the regular blog updates instead) and will catch up on work each evening. So thank you for your support, and patience through this.

Postage and dispatching
I've been giving more thought to how I can dispatch orders safely during this time, and I have decided to stop any courier service shipments as that requires me to go to an additional parcel drop off point. So going forward I'm only currently dispatching orders via Royal mail, using my very local post office. The family there are operating reduced opening hours, and I am also only taking my parcels to them before they open ready for them to process when open, to further avoid any additional interaction and try my best to do the right thing. So with that in mind, any orders placed each day, will currently be dispatched the next working day providing the post office is continuing to open. No order cut off times etc, even if you place an order at 8:00am, it will be dispatched the next working day as I'll have already made my single daily post office journey, and also depending on stock and my post office availability. I'll of course continue to update any customers along the way if there are any issues in fulfilling your order. 

Thanks for your understanding through this. Until it is deemed completely unsuitable for me to do this, I have decided that at this point, doing a single post office journey, dropping my orders off to them prior to their public opening hours (they are incredibly kind to me and allow me to do this due to many years of custom) is the safest possible way for me to ship orders each day and minimize any interaction. Although our home is all well, I am incredibly conscious of the strain on our hospitals already and minimizing interaction is the best way to do our small part in helping this situation. 

A slightly more relaxed Home of Tone update - 
I've pretty much transitioned over to my new 'Signature Series' harness branding now. Using up almost all of my previous capacitor heat shrink sleeves for example and switching over to the new red ones to better suit my harness branding. I'm really liking them! 
One thing that I have spent a long long time researching is also about to come into play too. Although the MDF template/mounting boards do the job, I have always hated that there is no real way of disposing of them other then throwing them in normal waste bins. Although I do try to encourage people to keep and re-use them, perhaps by mounting your old wiring to it for safe keeping etc. It has been in the back of my mind that I am simply adding to MDF filling waste sites which is not good. I realise it's a tiny percentage of the countries MDF supply, but still, I want to do my part in reducing it.
I've been on the hunt for an alternative that is equally as solid as the MDF boards to help keep the harness safe during transit, look equally more perhaps even more presentable and importantly, be recyclable at home too. I was introduced to a company who laser cut a variety of materials and after an informative chat to them, have decided to give greyboard the final nod of approval. I have received some test pieces and it's pretty solid, looks equally as neat as the mdf did and can be placed into your home recycling card boxes for easy recycling.  Greyboard is basically a compressed recycled card material, so is already made from recycled card and can be further recycled which is superb. Since I transitioned over to my new harness shipping boxes which are an awful lot more sturdy, losing some of the rigidity of the MDF boards wasn't a concern and to be honest, the 3mm greyboard is pretty strong stuff so no concerns at all regarding safety of delivery of each harness going forward with this. I have the first batch of these already on the way, which I'm really excited about. It will likely take a bit of time before I'm fully transitioned into using these exclusively whilst I deplete my existing stock of MDF mounting boards, but it's nice to know the end is in sight and will finally have my recyclable harness mounting boards in use very soon!
Really excited about this detail, looking forward to getting them out there soon!

23 March, 2020 by James P Gascoigne

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