New Signature Series 'HS' Telecaster harnesses
Over the years I'm done a few HS spec Tele harnesses, and it's reached a point that they deserve to join the standard harness line-up!

This harness is designed for Tele's with a 'HS' pickup configuration, usually Humbucker in the neck and single coil in the bridge like good old Keef. The idea is as little compromise as possible, commonly with HS Teles you have to decide whether to go 500k and have an overly bright bridge position, or 250k and have a potentially 'dark' neck position. This mod is pretty well known, and a popular choice for many HS Tele owners, where you use 500k pots along with a 470k resistor wired alongside the bridge pickup, so when in that position the pickup sees it's optimal 250k pot rating. It's a mod I've done for many HS tele customers, but to make life a little easier when ordering they now have their own listing on the site!

Telemaster with McNelly Stagger Swagger

For added viewing pleasure, Dan Hall from 15 Second Gear Demo's HS Telemaster which has one of these harnesses too!

To see the harness on the website, you can find it HERE

or those that love to wire their guitars themselves, the wiring schematic for this mod can be found HERE and all of the components to wire it yourself including the 470k resistor, can be found in the electronics collection.


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