Mule Resophonic x Home of Tone reservations update
This has been a special journey. I've been following Mule Resophonic Guitars as a fan for 3/4 years and to see the growth of what is essentially a group of guys making instruments which are often seen as 'niche', growing to the huge following, popularity and reputation they have today is simply amazing. A true testament to the quality of the instruments, the design, and the ambition within Matt, his brother Phil and good pal Smithers, to grow the Mule name to what it is fast becoming. A strong force in the worldwide boutique guitar world. A niche guitar it most certainly isn't.

Mule Resophonic UK

I've been lucky to be a Mule Resophonic dealer in the UK since 2016, and with an increasingly popular, handmade instrument, comes a waiting list. Due to high demand I am allocated a limited of number of builds to manage of my own per year by Matt, and what this post today is about, is announcing that all of our 2019 build slots have now been spoken for.

I'm super excited for those that got their name down on our own list, but unfortunately won't be able to accept any more reservations through ourselves for Mule builds for the 2019 slots. At the moment, the wait time sits at about 14 months, so if it continues at that, I'll be expecting to re-open my books for reservations around November 2018 which will be for 2020 Mule builds.

Mule Resophonic UK

In the mean time though, if you have any general questions or interest in a Mule to call your own. Honestly don't hesitate to get in touch as I'm still here to help as a proud representative of Mule Resophonic Guitars here in the UK. You're welcome to try my demo Mule if you'd love to play one for the first time and if you're desperate to get on the waiting list ASAP, of course you can still do so direct with Mule in the USA. That will need to be handled direct with Matt and the guys so be sure to visit their website or contact Matt via e-mail.

Thanks so so much to everyone who has chosen to take their Mule journey via my shop, I'm really grateful and it's going to be a great experience for you. I'll update the website as soon as my books re-open for 2020 build slots!


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