Mule Resophonic - Torrefied wood arrives in style.
Torrefied?! What the heck is that! Well torrefaction is a process of drying wood in a special kiln to make it more like old wood.  It evaporates more moisture but also sap in the wood. The result is wood cells that is more crystalline. This improves tone but more importantly stability of the neck because it doesn't lose or accept moisture as easily as new wood does.

Mule Resophonic Guitars UK

This is something Matt has been hoping to offer for a while, but has finally tracked down a handful of reliable suppliers of the torrefied blanks and is rolling it out as an available option to all new Mule reservations!

So, what are the options, and what does it cost?

There are two available options for torrefied maple necks, along with two different prices - 

  • Quartersawn (Plainer grain but still very rich colour) - £60
  • Flamed or birdseye figured grain - £115

If you're interested in becoming a Mule owner, you don't need to decide this straight away, this is just to make you aware of the cool new options and when your build begins (I'll be in touch when I receive the nod from Matt that it is your turn) then we can 100% decide then and set Matt to work!

The standard maple neck is of course still included. If you would prefer to keep it that way because caramel coloured wood or highly figured grain isn't your thing! Then you can just close this blog post and shout 'I just wanna play some damn resonator'.

Mule Resophonic Guitars UK

If you're interested in ordering your own Mule Resophonic guitar, you can do so comfortably through the sole authorised UK dealer, James' Home of Tone! The full range of guitars and specs can be viewed HERE, or feel free to get in touch if you'd like to speak to me about Mule guitars!


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