Millimetric Instruments at the Home of Tone - UK
There has been increasing interest in Millimetric Instruments in the UK. Florian's social media accounts are rife with insights into his work, and incredible final product photography that has a lot of people intrigued on how these instruments feel to play. I can speak first hand when I say I've never played an electric guitar that feels quite like Florian's designs, and I cannot wait to get them into the hands of more UK guitar players interested in finding this out for themselves. With their striking design and stunning build quality causing a stir among the community here already, physically having a demo model for you to try was a must have as far as myself and Florian were concerned and the time has come for that to happen. As announced a few months ago, we're the UK representative for Millimetric Instruments and for those keen to get their hands on what and see what the fuss is about, they will be happy to hear Florian has begun working on the UK demonstration model!

Millimetric MGS2 UK

After I personally sold my long time owned custom shop Fender to fund my own Millimetric MGS3 order, we wanted to have the Home of Tone UK demo guitar to be a different model from the range and selected Florian's stunning design, the MGS2 fit for the job. This is a symmetrical hip, single cutaway shape of which we have some incredible ideas for the aesthetic and specs of this build, I'll tease further as the build progresses. But for now, feast your eyes on the walnut body and matching walnut neck selected and started so far. As you can see, the body has been shaped and routed, and the neck blank chosen, with the rough shape and truss rod channels routed. 

Millimetric MGS2 UK

Millimetric MGS2 UK

There's a long way to go, and some seriously cool surprises along the way for the spec we've chosen for this build.

If you're interested in playing it when it arrives here, then feel free to contact myself and I'll put you on the waiting list to organise an appointment. This specific guitar won't be available for immediate purchase as it is the demonstration model, but orders with Florian for your own build can be placed and hopefully this demonstration instrument will help players realise just how special his work and designs are by being able to play them here at the Home of Tone.

Follow the build here on the blog by searching the tag #MGS2build where I will tag every post for the build as it progresses.


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