#MGS3Build - PAINT!

Last week was crammed full of seriously exciting updates from Montreal, safe to say the build is feeling very real now! I was able to see my idea for colour/finish come to life and it didn't disappoint, in fact it exceeded my expectations really! 


But let's start off with the neck work that has been happening too. The fret slots and inlays have been started, and the main photo and the one above shows the white inlays and fret end slots inlaid too prior to sanding.


Then after they were sanded back flush, it was time for oxidisation! The above photo was after the first 'coat'. I was intrigued about this process and asked Florian whether the process can vary from piece to piece, IE can density/grain differences effect the process or does the solution mix play a more vital role. He said a little of both really, a recent piece of walnut was very challenging to obtain an even finish and react the way he'd want it to, it certainly got there in the end of course but did take more persuasion. So doing into this build he mixed up a fresh batch of the solution (wire wool and vinegar mix) and this time responded much better. He said the neck will receive a second coat, prior to oiling which will be with the usual Livos natural wood oil sealer. I thought it looked like a bat hanging from the ceiling of Florian's workshop upside down! I shown it to Miles and he must have thought the same, responding with BATMAN! ahh near 3 year olds!


Now this was seriously exciting! I have mentioned it prior, but I was heavily influenced by the baritone MGS3 Florian had on display at The Holy Grail guitar show in Berlin last year. That build was a maple bodied MGS3 with an unreal copper metallic finish. I was in awe of the colour in person, but really fancied seeing it with some further texture, so asking if it was possible to create an open grain, textured feel whilst still capture the incredible metallic copper. Safe to say Florian nailed it perfectly! This photo was after the first coat, but the videos he sent me after the final coat, along with the videos of it after it's clear coat too, it is honestly perfect for me. Exactly what I hoped for and more from the colour and texture aspect. The straight open pore grain allows for the metallic copper to shine and react to light wonderfully well. I wish I could share the phone videos on here as that displayed it best! Maybe when the guitar is finished and here, I'll make a video talking through the build and include them there. But for now! Needless to say I was grinning from ear to ear with this update, really feels like it's coming to life now and Florian's regular updates have been superb. Really great experience.

I expect the next updates will be neck related, with oil and fretting. So we'll see what the next week or two provide!


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