#MGS3build - My personal Millimetric MGS3 build
After a super excited, but patient wait. It's become my turn for my personal build by Millimetric Instruments. Cast your minds back to around this time last year, I sold a guitar I'd owned for a number of years after finally seeing the astonishing work by Florian in person, and felt super content in knowing once it's my turn it most certainly will be worth the wait. Well, I received the very first couple of photos of the build which will be commencing soon, after Florian went wood shopping for my MGS3 build.

#mgs3build - Home of Tone MGS3 Millimetric

Here's a couple of photos, one showing the walnut blanks and body shape drawn out making sure I have a big grin on my face despite the man flu which has arrived in bold fashion this evening for me!
I'll be documenting the build and sharing my custom guitar experience here on the blod with the hashtag #MGS3build if you wanted to follow the progress on as it moves along in the coming months!

Suuuuper excited about this, and know full well good things come to those who wait!

In the mean time, if you want to come and get your hands on a Millimetric Instrument, perhaps see why I was so quick to sell a long time owned guitar in exchange for one of these creations! Then we have a MGS2 model here for demo! Get in touch and we'll organise a viewing for you!

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