#MGS3Build - Body contouring
Another exciting day in MGS3Build world! We left off from the last build update with the pickup routes completed, so now was the time for the wire channeling which is shown in the main post image above. Starting to look like a guitar now for sure!


Next up was a stage I was looking forward to seeing and learning a little more about Florian's process for doing so, the main body contouring. This beautiful shape across the full front side of the guitar is one of my favourite details on his guitars. It runs right from the body edge, up to the pickguard edge and makes the guitar look super thin which is unique, as well as being comfortable to hold when playing. 


Florian first removes the bulk with an angle grinder and you can see some of this completed in the image above.


Then it is smoothed out with a hand plane, which must feel like an incredibly satisfying stage of the build for him. If you've ever used a fine hand plane, it's so intuitive, and oh so satisfying! So it's great to see this, on my build too!


And here we are! Body contoured and sat next to it's build twin! I have been speaking with Ryan (who's MGS3 in maple is sat next to mine) and I'm really enjoying going through this process alongside another customer. Seeing as our guitar's will technically have the same birthday, it's cool to get to know them too. Ryan's MGS3 will be beautiful, natural finish, maple body and neck!


Speaking of the neck, that will be next! Here's my walnut blank, sat next to Ryan's maple blank, some serious lumps of wood there! This is an exciting stage, can't wait to see it unfold.


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