Things are moving nicely on the Home of Tone UK demonstrator Millimetric MGS2 build, and Florian has been posting teasers over on his Instagram page since my last blog update. On the first update you saw the body routed out, and the neck blank chosen. Well, then neck has now been roughed and carved and looking beautiful!



So at this stage the blank is roughed out, and you can see the basic shape forming particularly how snug the body join is.


Really excited about this, and importantly getting in your hands to try! 

If you're interested in playing it when it arrives here, then feel free to contact myself and I'll put you on the waiting list to organise an appointment. This specific guitar won't be available for immediate purchase as it is the demonstration model, but orders with Florian for your own build can be placed and hopefully this demonstration instrument will help players realise just how special his work and designs are by being able to play them here at the Home of Tone.

Follow the build here on the blog by searching the tag #MGS2build where I will tag every post for the build as it progresses.


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