Jackson Audio have released their much anticipated PRISM follow up...
The Bloom is here! After the widely successful Prism pedal, many were wondering what Jackson Audio would develop and release next, and the wait is finally over with the announcement of their latest pedal, BLOOM.

This is clearly a very in-depth, dynamic tone sculpting pedal that has been a big investment of time and knowledge from the guys at Jackson Audio, and having read more into it and watching the above video, it's clear why there is already a lot of excitement over it. Compression, EQ and boost, rolled into one with a whole lot more too.

You can read the full pedal run-down over on the listing which is live on the website now, and we also have them available for pre-order with delivery expected for September time from the first production batch.

If you're keen to learn more or to even Pre-Order, feel free to check out the listing HERE

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