International Postage update (and customs fiascos)
Well, sadly it seems the mess that is international postage and customs clearance is only getting worse at the moment. One common thing I'm seeing is that despite invoice declarations being perfect, both in value and details required, I am seeing really weird and erratic costs being invoiced by some countries customs clearances. Despite details being stated correctly, they are charging higher amounts for import duties and VAT. And the downside to this is if I declare the goods lower than what they have been invoiced and paid for, it's tax fraud so really can't be done. So we very much are at the mercy of customs clearance departments.

Short term, all I can really say is that I will continue to do my absolute best with ensuring the correct details are declared on shipments going out, please do be aware of the delays and costs being charged by your countries import departments. Costs are being charged by them and it almost feels like they are having great fun with blank cheque-books right now. It's crazy. So please make sure you are happy about placing an order internationally at the moment. I'm continually monitoring what's going on at the moment, but currently, things are looking very questionable so please bare this in mind if you are planning to place an order here from overseas.
03 February, 2021 by James P Gascoigne



Jamie said:

I feel your pain! I work for the Post Office and since the new regulations came in it’s been a nightmare when posting abroad. We’re not even able to advise with foreign customs fees as as you’ve said they vary wildly from country to country…

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