Fitting the very first set of Mule Humbuckers!
I was lucky enough to be asked by bluesman Charley Hicks to fit his brand new set of Mule Resophonic Mini Humbuckers which he was gifted by the Mule guys upon a recent visit over to Michigan. Of course I was happy to oblige! These pickups were made by Adam 'Smithers' Smith at Mule, and were designed around their favourite sounds from those old Teisco Gold foils, crossed with lush humbucker tonezz and single coil dynamic. 

Mule Resophonic Pickups

But what you're likely to notice first is they're straight out of the gun shop (literally!) cover style. Burnt up foil and patina'd surrounds which fit in well with the Mule aesthetic we know and love. They're wiring with 4 conductor so you can get in on that coil splitting action should you wish, but we like to keep it classy for Charley so we kept it classic and wired them the good old fashioned way. As the guitar is a 2016 model, it was outfitted with a few of Gibson's modern oddities, including the weirrrrd robot tuners *Boo hiss, which Charley swapped out with a set of Steinberger Tuners which are absolutely breathtaking. Sublime quality, engineering,ration and stability. Great if you can find a set! Also a mixture of traditional wiring with modern plug/PCB type stuff. So I wired up a full harness with all of niceties for him, Switchcraft toggle switch and jack socket, a set of CTS 500k Audio taper pots and a pair of Jupiter Vintage Yellow Tone caps.

Home of Tone Gibson firebird Wiring Harness

With the pickups fitted up, harness in and all wired ready to go, it was time to string up an get this thing wailing!

First impressions were rather good indeed. Straight to clean, flicking between pickup positions, revealed an incredibly rich tone from all 3. A big sound, and has a lovely harmonic quality. I spent a lot of time just playing through simple licks, nice and clean and really enjoyed it. Above is the clean demo I recorded with my Rift Amps PR18.

It would have been crazy not to get this thing soaring, nice and gritty via a Fox Pedal Wrath Distortion pedal. It is an absolute beast! The Tyson of tones right here. Tonnes of sustain, and was real fun to play. Charley came back to collect and I gave him the same set-up as the above video and it was great to hear a proper player, reunited with his guitar and loving it.

An absolute pleasure to fit and hear this inaugural set of Mule Resophonic Mini Humbuckers, even more so to do so for the superb talent that is Mr Charley Hicks. I urge you to check out his EP and Album via iTunes and all of those digital hangouts, they're staple records in our household.
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