DR Strings join the Home of Tone!
DR Strings!
I first came across DR Strings after a deep dive into learning about Derek Trucks and his, certainly at the time anyway, incredibly humble back to basics touring set-up. This was probably 8 or so years ago now and was already relatively well versed in round core strings having used Pyramid strings for some time as my favoured brand. I saw he used 'DR' but hadn't heard of them prior, after a quick look into realised they were round core, handmade strings also, so gave them a try! Both the Pure Blues (Pure nickel based sets) and the Tite-Fits became my go to strings for my humbucker based guitars at the time and really liked the feel and consistency, as well as a relatively fair price point compared to other handmade round core electric sets. 
I have had the intention for a few years now to further grow the range of strings offered, but do so with really quality offerings and with some really focused attention and funds on accessories over the past year, it has finally allowed me to do this. So DR have joined the line-up! 
You can find (for at least the introduction period anyway) a humble selection of some of the most popular types and gauges, so if you'd like to learn more about them or perhaps are already a fan and want to stock up, head over to the website for a browse!

Speaking of strings, I have also recently grown the range of Elixir strings stocked to include a selection of their incredibly popular acoustic sets. I am lucky to have a few very talented luthier friends, who make some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world, and they all favour Elixir for their builds so it feels great to have those on offer here too now. I have also brought it a couple of popular Martin acoustic sets, in particular those endorsed by Tommy Emmanuel & Eric Clapton, so alongside the DR acoustic 'Rare' & 'Sunbeam' sets featured above, there is now an ever growing range of superb acoustic guitar string offerings here too!

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