Customer sale - Fender Limited Edition USA Cabronita
A good customer has decided to sell this utterly stunning limited edition Fender USA Cabronita, I would for sure snap this up for myself if I was in a better position to! I had the pleasure of doing some work to this guitar a while back and it really grabbed my attention and has stuck with me since! As he mentioned that he was looking to let it go, I offered to share it on my pages/social media for him.

Fender Limited Edition Cabronita Aztec Gold

Striking looks aside, it had a great playing feel and a superb deep C profile neck, which combined with a mighty pair of TV Jones filter'trons, it sounded ace too. I installed one of my La Cab dual concentric/stacked pot wiring kits so we could keep the clean single control knob aesthetic and make no major modifications to the guitar, but give it a little more versatility and adjust-ability by it now having a neat tone control. As far as I'm aware, the original wiring will be included, as I removed that as cleanly as possible in one piece should it ever need to go back to standard volume/toggle only.

Wonderfully dark rosewood fingerboard with cream, clay-esq inlays. A classy stained alder body(with a tummy carve too) with bound aztec gold top. The 1-ply off white/parchment pickguard suits it nicely against the binding I thought. Wicked guitar, and as I have personally played it can certainly vouch for it...just wish I could buy it lol! If you are interested in snapping it up, drop me a message and I will forward your details to the owner for you :)

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