Customer Notice - New shipping dates
As with anything happening here at the shop, I always aim to keep you good folks updated. So I wanted to share some new weekly shipping dates with you all, so when you order you know what to expect :-) In an age where internet shopping has truly set the standard, with the likes of Amazon even delivering same day now (amazing!) the bar has truly been set high.
But, as you can probably tell, I'm not quite the size of Amazon so have to be realistic to myself!
I always endeavor to ship orders with in stock items the very same or next working day wherever possible. As you may know, the Home of Tone is a family run business, myself and my wife doing everything we can to keep things pushing forwards. The slight change will now be that our main dispatch days will be Monday's, Thursday's & Friday's. This change is due to caring for our amazing little 9 month old son, and juggling other work so I hope you can either relate to this or understand :-)
But, rest assured, that if dispatching your order on either Tuesday's or Wednesday's is possible at all, then I will make sure it is dispatched for you, but I would rather be open & honest as I can and set the standard to those 3 days per 5 working day week.

Me & Miles!

Thanks so much for reading, ordering and for your understanding as always! Miles is incredibly grateful!

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