Anthony's Mule Resophonic Guitar arrives at the Home of Tone...
Without a doubt, one of the names I am so so proud to represent here at the Home of Tone, is Mule Resophonic. I became the self confessed mega fan boy of Mule around the time I saw Charlie Parr had ordered and received his own Mule. Being of equal measure mega fan of Charlie's it lead me down a path that I'm so happy to have taken, I certainly didn't think I'd be here today doing what I do alongside them but sometimes hard work does indeed become worth it.
Now with Mule reaching build number 300, I've been lucky enough to see Mule Resophonic grow from strength to strength. I began my story as Mule dealer in November 2015, pretty crazy that we're already flying through summer of 2017, nearly two years on, and our very own reservations list is continuing to grow with an amazing array of Mule's seeing pretty much every variation of specs available being chosen by their future owners. This honestly makes me so happy because the guitars mean a great deal to me, and to be the person that helps get these instruments into musicians hands in the UK is an true honour.
Spending those waiting time weeks/months having in depth conversations with the players who have ordered one, geeking out over specs, music and whatever else we find ourselves talking about, goes to repeatedly prove to me that these guitars are so much more than a material 'thing'. The very same reason why they caught my eye in the first place and continue to be an obsession of mine. I've rambled enough, so let's meet the latest one to arrive at the Home of Tone...
Mule Resophonic UK
This one was spec'd out by Anthony, and as quick as it arrived it was straight back out the door to him! I was so excited to get it in his hands after spending the wait list time speaking so much about these amazing instruments with each other. Anthony knew what he wanted from the get go, and who can blame him! The specs are solid, and rather tasty, so let's dig in.
Mule Resophonic UK
Anthony's Mule is a steel bodied, single cone resonator, with a slotted headstock and a Mule Pickup. The patina on this was a little more subtle, but close up it was to die for, oozing style and capturing the mojo of a vintage instrument without any need for the word 'relic' to be uttered. I particularly liked the patina on the pickup, and on the cone cover itself, so much character whilst still leaving plenty of room for Anthony to create his own patina with years of ownership and use.
Mule Resophonic UK
This one had a gorgeous, rich, reddy/brown tint on the maple neck, which compliments the ebony board, subtle streaks and all, perfectly. The colour tint also allowed the lovely curly maple grain to show it's character beautifully well. Up top we see Mule's own brand tuners, providing an authentic look and solid tuning, with the finish matching the steel body nicely too!
Mule Resophonic UK
After grabbing these photos, I tuned her up to check everything was okay after it's time travelling over from Michigan via the hands of the courier, and was met with that sound that only a Mule can deliver. I've owned, played and heard countless resonator guitars in my guitar playing life, and nothing captures the characterful tone of a Mule. The beautiful overtones and harmonics creating an almost 'built in reverb' kind of sound, combine that with a raw metal body that you can feel vibrating against you as you strum and play notes, almost like how a high end acoustic reacts, comes as a pleasant surprise. Most resonators I have ever played before are very 'solid' feeling on your lap, no real life from the body at all. I never even thought twice about it, until I played a Mule for the first time and experienced it, it's an engagement you simply don't find with others, I certainly haven't in my time. These are inspiring to play, no other way to put it.
Mule Resophonic UK
But it isn't just the sound, or resonance that makes a Mule so engaging to play. It's the neck and fretboard that first grabs your attention, and holds on to it at that! Mule's have a unique way of 'fitting' in your palm perfectly, neither too thick or too slim a profile, but one that feels right for the instrument. Oh, and it was played by Joey Landreth when he visited the Mule workshop, damn cool vibes went into this one! This one was begging for more notes to be made, but alas they weren't for me to be creating, but that of Anthony's! Quickly back into it's case and re-packaged just in time for the courier to collect it not even an hour after it arrived! I adore these guitars, but they have a bond with their owners before they've even played them for the first time, so I'm always eager to get it into their hands as soon as I can. I'll continue to save any spare pennies (trust me, there aren't many!) until I get to call one my own, until then, I get this experience time and again which is a dream come true. Thank you, Anthony and thank you Matt, Phil and Adam at Mule Resophonic. You dudes, all kick ass.
Mule Resophonic UK
Thanks for reading, if you want to view the Mule models and options available please check out the Mule Resophonic section of my website HERE. As of the time of typing this post, we only have one slot left available for a 2018 build. If you're interested in making that yours, I'd love to speak with you and help make that happen!



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Safely on the Mule waiting list: it’s a good place to be!

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