An update on Gabriel Tenorio Strings..
Demand has quite honestly been overwhelming in recent months for Mr Tenorio's hand wound strings, which is a testament to the quality of the strings along with the work spent establishing them over the past 2 years here in the UK and Europe. But it has meant we've had to quickly re-evaluate how to meet this huge spike in demand, so I wanted to update you all with where we're at!

Gabriel Tenorio String Co UK

Stock levels..
I do fully understand the disappointment you might have had when being greeted by low stock levels on strings at the tail end of 2017 on the website. I placed much bigger stock orders to compensate for this. But sadly, it came to light that doing so created production issues for Gabriel managing the high quantity single orders along with his individual customer orders. It also meant that split shipments had to happen which as a result cost me more to import. That's not a fun recipe for anyone involved!
We've since spoken at length about this and how to resolve, and we both agree that much smaller, but more regular orders will allow him to fulfill his individual orders along with getting my stock orders completed more effectively. Which is great news for us.

Gabriel Tenorio String Co UK

So, what does this mean?
In the coming months expect to see stock levels improved as these new regular, monthly stock orders arrive in. I am limited to the numbers I can order each month, so I will be concentrating on the very popular sets initially to ensure that high demand is met. But each stock order will have gauges and types most commonly requested along with new ranges we'd not yet stocked as the numbers settle. Sets like the 11-49 Std long twists, JM50 and Super 10s for example all arriving in on monthly stock orders helping to meet the high demand.  For the moment and near future, I will be concentrating solely on the electric guitar sets due to demand. 

One thing I have noticed since day one of offering these strings back in 2016, is that when most players try them, nothing else will do afterwards. So returning back to get more sets and being met with low or no stock is really frustrating, I'm really aware of that and feel equally as disappointed that it's happened on occasion. So I hope these new efforts, new ordering patterns and the growing range will not only resolve that but allow the brand to grow further which is truly what a quality product deserves. 

Gabriel Tenorio String Co UK

I'd like to say thank you for your patience through this, the support for these great strings since introducing them in 2016 here at the store has been nothing short of amazing. I hope these efforts will further improve this, and mean there's always stock of your favourite sets.

If you haven't tried Gabriel Tenorio strings you might be thinking this is a lot of trouble and worry about some strings! But there is very good reason why the demand has been this high, after all, your guitar's strings are the main connection between you and the guitar itself, so they may as well be the best quality and balanced sets available right?!


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