A new name to the Home of Tone roster, Introducing Ambler Custom Guitars!
First and foremost, I'm a guitar geek. I'm always on the lookout for quality instruments, made by craftsmen who share the same passion as me. Makers who produce unique, eye catching instruments, striving to create guitars that are different to the norm and what hangs on most guitar store walls. So over time, many great makers have come to my attention, and working with them through my store is always a high priority where possible.

Ambler Custom Guitars - James' Home of Tone

Ambler Custom Guitars have been on my radar for a little while now, having spotted John's application of McNelly Pickups in his work. I've been watching his builds and admiring the creativity and strive to create the unique, for some time, and enjoying it immensely! 

Ambler Custom Guitars - James' Home of Tone

So the opportunity arisen to work a little together and now I'm incredibly honored to have these superb instruments listed on the Home of Tone website! We're kicking things off with the incredible Hound Dog model, named the 'Junk Yard Dog'!

Ambler Guitars Junk Yard Dog at james' Home of Tone

This guitar features an incredibly unique aged iron coating, yup, real metal! Aged like it has been hanging out in the back of a pickup truck for 30 years, and sealed with lacquer to maintain it's finish lasts. It's fitted with a set of custom McNelly Pickups, a Tele style half bridge and that rowdy looking bigsby aged to match the guitar and hardware. It has so much style, and with specs to match, it sure does sound nice too...

We're really excited to continue working with John Ambler, as I am such a fan of his work. Be prepared to hear more about these killer instruments and be sure to visit our new listing for the Junk Yard Dog on our webstore today! Thanks for involving us, John.


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