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One of the most truly immersive, creative and affordable 'custom shop' boutique guitar makers I have come across in my time, is Walsh Guitars. Drew's work is a place to really allow your dream guitar to come to life, without an endless list of pricing options, upgrade price structures or other unknowns. Why is that the case? Well all of the Walsh Guitars range is set at a base price of £2099 (price current as of November 2017). At this price you can absolutely go to town on the final design, the final spec and come out with a guitar which is truly unique to you.

Walsh Guitars UK

You can choose what body wood you'd like, neck and fretboard type, from a wealth of custom colours and pickguard materials. Pickup combinations and dream high spec hardware, all at that £2099 base price. Nice and simple right? If you've ever fancied a true custom build instrument, sometimes you find yourself limiting what you'd truly like the spec to be just because of all of the add-on price options listed, quickly seeing the guitar price rise as you add more dream options. Drew's guitars almost completely remove that limitation. I think that is such a cool, unique aspect of Walsh Guitars appeal. If a truly custom made instrument is what you desire, a Walsh may well be for you.

So, what can we see from the standard, base price options on offer over the whole Walsh range?

Standard options

As a completely fresh build, whichever body shape you choose whether it's the Bara, Doxa, Hesed, Salem or any other Walsh, the guitars will come as standard with - 

 - 10" Radius Fingerboard (Bethel has a 12")
 - 1 11/16" Nut width
 - Nitrocellulose finish
 - McNelly Pickups
 - Spoke adjusting truss rod
 - Mono Sleeve Bag

The base model model is £2,099

So where can the custom options take you? Pretty much as far as you want to go, if you have a particularly wild idea or something even more unique then feel free to get in touch and we will liaise with Drew at Walsh Guitars to try and accommodate for your wishes!

Walsh Guitars UK

Custom Shop Options

The range of custom options can be split into each section, so I'll keep things simple!

 - Choice of body wood and construction
 - Choice of top wood
 - Binding (comes as standard on the Bethel) at £60 per side (IE top side, bottom side etc)
 - One piece body £40
 - Arm Contour - £15
 - Belly Contour - £15
 - Upper access contour - £8
 - German carve - £20
 - Chambered body - £40
 - Custom Exotic woods - POA at market value

 - Choice of Neck wood and construction
 - Choice of fretboard wood
 - Choice of fret type
 - Choice of truss rod type (Spoke adjusting is standard)
 - Choice of nut material (Bone or TUSQ)
 - Choice of fingerboard inlays (custom types at additional special request)
 - Custom Exotic woods - POA at market value

Pickups & Hardware:
 - Choice of McNelly Pickups
Pickup models are down to your tastes, go with the awesome and versatile Stagger Swagger or perhaps a Sparkletron or Cornucopia humbucker will suit. As I am also the McNelly Pickups UK Distributor, I have an in depth knowledge of the full range and can help guide your choice.
 - Additional third pickup - £40
 - Hardware finish IE Chrome, Nickel, Gold etc
 - Choice of bridge and vibrato(if required)

 - Choice of colour
 - Left handed - £0 no upcharge

Walsh Guitars UK

Cool huh? Keeps the prices from creeping skywards, ensuring you don't feel restricted whilst creating your dream custom shop handmade guitar. I think it's unreal! I personally experienced the Walsh way of doing things when I spec'd up a Doxa model for our shop stock, and it was so much fun. Talking through various wood types, finishes and bouncing ideas off each other just made the guitar buying experience so unique. If this sounds like music to your ears, feel free to get in touch to discuss it further or check out our Walsh Guitars collection on our main web store today.

Please note - 
Prices stated in this article, posted on 6th November 2017 are the correct prices at the time of publishing. These prices may change after this date, so please do check up on the custom order guitar listings via the Walsh Guitars Collection for the latest build prices.

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