A fresh look on harnesses - Signature and Entry Series'
You may have noticed a recent change to my pre-wired guitar harnesses, so I thought I'd put together a guide as to what has changed, and of course why!

Sadly, the change was prompted with a surprise difficulty in obtaining my beloved Jupiter yellow vintage tone capacitors, an item I've exclusively used for quite some time for my harnesses due to their quality and value for money. But sadly the UK supplier couldn't provide me with a reliable supply or delivery dates, I was let down by multiple overseas suppliers also which got me doubting whether there were production issues..Certainly not confirmed but I couldn't continue to use them if I couldn't rely on obtaining any on a regular basis, so a change was meant to be!

Home of Tone Pre-Wired Guitar Harnesses

After finding a suitable replacement, and also taking on board things I get requests for over time of making harnesses the decision to breathe some new life into the harness range and split them into two different series' was made. My Signature Series, which feature all of my favourite components to achieve the best possible upgrade. And the 'Entry Series', which provides a superb quality upgrade harness at a lower cost, for perhaps those projects where we want to improve the guitar but it's on a tight budget.
So! Let's see what the differences are - 

The Signature Series

Home of Tone Pre-Wired guitar harnesses

A noticeable item on this range was the decision to source some paper in oil capacitors. Over the years I often get asked for PIO caps, whether it's from players that know they like those particular caps, or that they are simply intrigued to hear what the fuss is all about. I've touched on PIO caps and the differences in previous blog posts, so if it's a subject you're interested in reading more about, feel free to have a browse through the blog after this. But let's just dive in to what the caps I've opted for are all about. The new caps used in this range are made by WD Music in the USA, with a tight +/-10% tolerance. When they arrive with me, I run my capacitor meter across each one to ensure they are what they say they are, and that they are good to be used in the harnesses. They're a great value PIO cap, reasonably priced compared to some PIO caps on the market, and I've been really impressed during testing and from customer feedback. You see a lot about vintage caps, but I personally would much prefer to use a modern day made, tight tolerance cap and the WD Music PIO fitted the bill nicely. I have used these as custom requests over the last couple of years, and both customer response as well as my own testing was really positive. So it was a simple decision to give these a go. I simply add my own signature 'UFO' logo sleeve to the cap, if you're wondering why they look a bit different to the usual WD items!

The other differences are that for the Fender style harnesses which feature 3 & 5 way blade switches, I've opted for the lovely USA made, spring loaded CRL Switches. These are of very solid built quality, and due to the spring mechanism operate very precisely (mainly a feel thing during use, as they really 'click' into each position which is reassuring for some players). Then for all harnesses in this range, they will come with a Pure Tone multi contact jack socket. These feature 2 contact points per positive and negative connections, resulting in a more secure seat on the jack lead, helping with reliability from regular use. 

The Entry Series

Home of Tone Pre-Wired guitar harnesses

I wanted to approach this idea with the usual care and attention to detail as usual, which results in a harness which is still a high quality, worth while upgrade. But one that is perhaps a little more suited to tighter budgets. To achieve that I opted to use the always tried and tested, almost considered industry standard to some, Sprague Orange Drop 716P capacitors, a great quality budget cap. As with the WD Music PIO caps, when a batch arrives I still test each one to ensure tolerances are tight, and they are good to trust and use on the harnesses. For Fender style harnesses, I've opted to use the great quality, Oak Switches. Which again, are very much an industry standard and can be trusted for reliability for years of use, but cost a little less than it's CRL counterpart, helping the Entry Series keep an affordable overall cost. For the jack sockets, I opted for the traditional, and yet again industry standard, Switchcraft Mono items.

The standard across the range..

Both variations of harnesses, the Signature and Entry series, feature the very same CTS 'TVT' +/-5% tolerance audio taper pots. I've used and trusted these pots for a long time, and felt that using anything else wouldn't be right. The quality had to be high for both series, so the 'TVT' steps up to the plate perfectly. For Gibson style harnesses, I continue to use Switchcraft switches for both Entry and Signature series. I feel the value for money and high quality is unsurpassed and opting for other styles wasn't necessary. Along with the German made 22AWG wire I use, also across both series, ensure a consistent and reliable harness across both ranges.

Thanks for everyone's continued support, positive response and feedback over the last few years about my harnesses. I consider every component very seriously and always endeavor to put out a quality product. Cheers!

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