Warehouse Guitar Speakers - Bringing the golden era, right into our grasp
So many aspects of the guitar world can be defined by it's relative 'golden era'. A lot considering the 50's, 60's and in some cases 70's to be just that time.
It is certainly the case when it comes to amplifier speakers. The 60's & 70's saw some of the finest designs, still sold in the masses today, created and explored by countless legendary guitarists.
Due to manufacturing costs and skills involved, many of the exact manufacturing techniques used during that 'golden era' were lost to factory production. But that's where WGS has stepped in and vowed to be celebrating the golden era through and through!
Warehouse Guitar Speakers are hand producing some of the finest speakers in the world, and I am now very proud to be offering their product right here at James' Home of Tone!
From their flagship 'Veteran 30' to the powerful WGS12L 200watt monster. The little G8C 8" Fender Champ derived speaker, to the big daddy G15C 15" SRV-esq famous tone. The WGS range is great, and allows players to find the tone they were hoping their amps had all along.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch, or check out the WGS collection here at Home of Tone.

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