#121 & #132 Mule Resonator guitars available for sale, UK - NOW SOLD

A very rare opportunity has arisen with not one, but two Mule Resonators becoming available 2nd hand within the UK. 

I know both of these guitars very very well, number 132 and number 121. The decision for the owner to let them move on to a new home has not been an easy one by any means, but we will support and ensure the right home is where they end up.

Viewings will be available by appointment only, very soon but if you're interested do feel free to get in touch and I will get a time booked in for you.

In the main article photo - 
(L)121 - Steel tricone w/slotted headstock
(R)132 - Brass single cone w/slotted headstock and custom request waffle type cone cover


Both Guitars are now sold, but if you are interested in ordering a Mule Resophonic Guitar, as sole UK dealer we can handle all custom and new build orders so be sure to get in touch if you're keen to learn more!


Lee Holliday

Lee Holliday said:

Hello, I am interested in the Mules, please let me know when they come available to view.

Also ballpark price & general location

regards Lee


James said:

Hi Lee, thanks for your interest but sadly both Mule’s found their new homes almost instantly so they’re no longer available, just updating the post now.
Thanks again! If you’re interested in Mule Resophonic though, we are the sole worldwide dealer and handle all new custom guitars too. So fi you’re looking at getting a Mule feel free to get in touch!

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